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Workspace Inspiration | Vol. 2

Workspace Inspiration | Vol. 2

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With a mindful design approach and minimal taste, our workspaces have the ability to mold into sanctuaries in which we cultivate creativity and innovation. To inspire your daily workspace, we interviewed content creators, designers, and filmmakers to learn their day-to-day lives as working creatives, and to understand their approach to designing their desk spaces.


Jake is a content creator that has been filming high end destination weddings all over the world for the last 3 years. He is an educator at the online Film School, Full Time Filmmaker, where he teaches over 12,000 students how to become successful videographers. 

“When I started to design my space, I had 2 requirements: clean and minimal. I needed a simple and clean desk to focus on creating. An organized mind is a successful mind and any desk should reflect that. I’m also a freaking gadget guy when it comes to items that make my life easier, simpler, and more organized. My workspace is my creative zone, it’s where I piece together stories, script new ideas, and color grade the scene.”


Zoe is an interior designer and content creator based in Hertfordshire, England. As a previous graphic designer for many years, she found her true calling when she was asked to design the interior of a restaurant. After her son was born, Zoe left the agency she was working for and began freelancing as an interior designer for her friends and family. By word of mouth recommendations and her Instagram page, Zoe connected to a global platform of like-minded people and opened up a whole new career path.

“My creative process is fairly simple. I have a minimal style and signature look that I don't stray away from because I don’t enjoy excessive color or fuss. I keep the ‘trend' pieces to things that are quickly removable like the soft furnishings and decorative pieces so that my clients don’t have to decorate every other year. I believe that the spaces we live in impact our mental headspace, and I want to help people make their homes their sanctuaries. The space I designed is an alternative to high wall cupboards, which have always been a pet peeve of mine. I find them difficult to use and wanted to design an alternative that made everything accessible. I also have some beautiful pieces that I wanted to display as they bring me and my family joy.”


As a former special education high school teacher, Allisa found her creative outlet as a home designer. After leaving the teaching field, she joined her brother at Cascade Iron Co., where she developed hardware for the modern industrial home. This brought Allisa closer to her design path as she searched for ways to make her home more intentional and minimal.

“Moving into a smaller, outdated ranch-style home meant I was leaving my designated office space behind. Because I really need a space to think and call my own, I searched for ways to carve out a work spot in our new home. This little nook, though awkward and tiny, seemed like the best solution! By painting the back wall black, I started to embrace this quirky space. I added wall hooks, a small bookcase, and shelf to make it functional. Now, I get to see the mountain views from the window and have a space to work and call my own.”


Holly is an architect-in-training that has a passion for interior design, a career she hopes to professionally pursue in the future. She is also learning pottery and loves to paint.

“As a freelance architect and interior designer, I needed a versatile workspace that could attend to all my needs. I used to spend a lot of time working from the dining room table or sofa. I find that I am not as productive when I work, eat, and relax in the same space. Having this new workspace means I can leave this room at the end of the day and feel like there is a clear separation between work and life. This little workspace is great when you want to hop on the computer for a few hours, whether it’s browsing the internet or doing some freelance work. It’s also a great space to sketch or paint, with consistent daylight and beautiful views from the window.”


Drago is a filmmaker and motion designer that works at a large enterprise software company, making product videos and animations. In his downtime, he is also a freelance designer and photographer and works with various brands to create content. As a working creative, Drago spends a lot of his time working from home, so it is essential to cultivate an office space that inspires creativity and productivity.

“I designed this space to be bright and open, without any distractions. I am constantly inspired by good design and aesthetics – I love natural colors and plants, which can also be seen on my screensaver. The Austin Kleon art on the wall reminds me to stay creative and get things done! The carpet was initially selected to blend with the cats, but it ended up completing the desk setup nicely.”