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100 Books to Read in Quarantine

100 Books to Read in Quarantine

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As authorities continue to promote social distancing and shelter in place, our online community is finding a way to make time at home both productive and enriching. One activity the CDC recommends to reduce secondary traumatic stress, is to spend time reading a good book.  

As the community shares their bookshelves and reading lists online, we pulled over 20 tweets and threads of book suggestions from writers, entrepreneurs, authors, designers, and everyday people.

Here is a master list of 100 books to read in quarantine:



1. Shoe Dog by. Phil Knight

2. Elon Musk by. Ashlee Vance

3. The Everything Store by. Brad Stone

4. Fighting for Space by. Amy Shira Teitel

5. The Right Stuff by. Tom Wolfe

6. Becoming by. Michelle Obama

7. Mamba Mentality by. Kobe Bryant

8. Born a Crime by. Trevor Noah

9. Rise of the Rocket Girls by. Nathalia Holt

10. The Glass Universe by. Dava Sobel


11. The Success Equation by. Michael J. Mauboussin

12. Driving Digital Strategy by. Sunil Gupta

13. Perspective on McKinsey & Company by. Marvin Bower

14. How to Win Friends and Influence People by. Dale Carnegie

15. Start with Why by. Simon Sinek

16. Emotional Intelligence by. Daniel Goleman

17. The Intelligent Investor by. Benjamin Graham

18. Zero to One by. Peter Thiel

19. The Lean Startup by. Eric Ries

20. Superforecasting by. Philip E. Tetlock

Science & Technology

21. Sapiens by. Yuval Noah Harari

22. The Fabric of Reality by. David Deutsch

23. The Inevitable by. Kevin Kelly

24. The Beginning of Infinity by. David Deutsch

25. Dawn of the Code War by. John P. Carlin

26. Cult of the Dead Cow by. Joseph Menn

27. The Hacker and the State by. Ben Buchanan

28. A Short History of Nearly Everything by. Bill Bryson

29. Packing for Mars by. Mary Roach

30. The Grand Design by. Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow


31. The Power of Habit by. Charles Duhigg

32. The Art of Gathering by. Bernadette Dunne

33. Reboot by. Jerry Colonna

34. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by. Mark Manson

35. Atomic Habits by. James Clear

36. 12 Rules for Life by. Jordan B. Peterson

37. Stillness Is the Key by. Ryan Holiday

38. The Obstacle Is the Way by. Ryan Holiday

39. GRIT by. Angela Duckworth

40. The Power of Now by. Eckhart Tolle


41. Man’s Search For Meaning by. Viktor E. Frankl

42. The Consolations of Philosophy by. Alain De Botton

43. The Essential Plato by. Plato

44. Tyranny of Virtue by. Robert Boyers

45. Striking Thoughts by. Bruce Lee

46. Letters From a Stoic by. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

47. Beyond Good and Evil by. Friedrich Nietzsche

48. Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger by. Peter Bevelin

49. Siddhartha by. Hermann Hesse

50. Awareness by. Anthony De Mello


51. The Creative Habit by. Twyla Tharp

52. Proust was a Neuroscientist by. Jonah Lehrer

53. The Reflective Practitioner by. Donald A. Schon

54. Where Good Ideas Come From by. Steven Johnson

55. Metaphors We Live By by. George Lakoff

56. The Accidental Creative by. Todd Henry

57. Creative Confidence by. Tom Kelley and David Kelley

58. Thinking Fast and Slow by. Daniel Kahneman

59. Design of Everyday Things by. Don Norman

60. Don’t Make Me Think by. Steve Krug



61. The Fated Sky by. Mary Robinette Kowal

62. The Calculating Stars by. Mary Robinette Kowal

63. Delta-V by. Daniel Suarez

64. 1984 by. George Orwell

65. Machines Like Me by. Ian McEwan

66. Red Moon by. Kim Stanley Robinson

67. Light From Other Stars by. Erika Swyler

68. The City in the Middle of the Night by. Charlie Jane Anders

69. The Light Brigade by. Kameron Hurley

70. Recursion by. Blake Crouch


71. The Alchemist by. Paulo Coelho

72. The Starless Sea by. Erin Morgenstern

73. Middle Game by. Seanan McGuire

74. Ninth House by. Leigh Bardugo

75. The Winter of the Witch by. Katherine Arden

76. Black Leopard, Red Wolf by. Marlon James

77. Magic for Liars by. Sarah Gailey

78. Descent Into Madness by. Sean R. Frazier

79. The Call of Chaos by. Sean R. Frazier

80. The Coming Storm by. Sean R. Frazier


81. My Dark Vanessa by. Kate Elizabeth Russell

82. The Silent Patient by. Alex Michaelides

83. My Lovely Wife by. Samantha Downing

84. The Kill Club by. Wendy Heard

85. The Lost Man by. Jane Harper

86. The Whisper Man by. Alex North

87. An Anonymous Girl by. Greer Hendricks

88. Curious Toys by. Elizabeth Hand

89. The Chain by. Adrian McKinty

90. My Sister, the Serial Killer by. Oyinkan Braithwaite


91. Call Me By Your Name by. André Aciman

92. Love Her or Lose Her by. Tessa Bailey

93. The Wedding Date by. Jasmine Guillory

94. Red, White, & Royal Blue by. Casey McQuiston

95. Get a Life, Chloe Brown by. Talia Hibbert


96. The Night Tiger by. Yangsze Choo

97. The Mercies by. Kiran Millwood Hargrave

98. All the Light We Cannot See by. Anthony Doerr

99. The Last Days of Pompeii by. Edward Bulwer Lytton

100. Daisy Jones and the Six by. Taylor Jenkins Reid