"The truth is in the details"

A Pocket Guide to Bag Straps

A Pocket Guide to Bag Straps

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When designing the straps of the ISM Backpack, we wanted to combine comfort with a refined and sleek finish.

To make the straps feel as comfortable as possible, we decided to use a combination of memory foam (technically known as EVA foam) and mesh padding. Both materials provide function — the foam gives structure and shoulder support, while the mesh provides some breathability, especially when carrying your bag around all day.  

When you're wearing a backpack, the straps are one of the first things that people notice about your bag. So to create a professional look and feel, full-grain leather is used on the outer part of the straps. Extra details is added around the leather trims, like the way the straps are connected to the bag. The devil is in the details.

One of the things we found frustrating about most backpacks is that the fabric used to adjust the straps normally dangles around your chest. For a work backpack this isn't ideal, so we designed a more minimal solution that achieves the same function.

The ISM Backpack straps can be lengthened or shortened by adjusting the strap buckle. Once it's set to a certain length, there's no extra bits hanging around. While we feel that this is the best way to achieve both form and function, one possible downside is that it might take a bit more time if you're someone who needs to constantly adjust the strap length throughout your day.

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As we've grown ISM over the past year, we've learned that some customers with smaller frames found the Large Backpack's straps to be too long for their frame. So to create the perfect fit, we offer a complimentary strap tailoring service for your backpack, where we'll alter the straps based on your height and size. If you're interested in having your straps altered, you can email or text us and we'll do it within 1-2 business days.