"Luxury is in each detail"

Work Essentials From a Software Engineer

Work Essentials From a Software Engineer

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Raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, Tiff Janzen (@tiffintech) grew up on her family's farm while also taking on modeling contracts around the world. After a career in fashion, she was introduced to the world of code and made the transition into the tech world as a full stack developer. This is how she gets it done.  

I'm constantly on the go and as someone who used to carry what felt like 20 bags at a time, I've gone through lots of different backpacks to try and find the one bag that can fit it all.

I used to invest a lot of money in luxury backpacks thinking that was my only solution. But when Justin, the founder of ISM, reached out to me and told me about his story and the ISM backpack, I had to give it a try. After using the bag for a while now, it pretty much became another limb to me! It's super sleek and it holds everything I need for my day.

Here's what's in my ISM Backpack.


Meet my 15-inch Macbook (it's my baby). One thing I love about this backpack is the waterproof laptop compartment. I'm someone that gets caught in the rain without an umbrella, so having my laptop in a waterproof case is amazing.

The laptop compartment also has another compartment within it which is nice. Right now I have a piece of paper that I need to stay crisp, so I put it in the second sleeve, which is nice because it always stays fresh and straight.


I carry a Moleskin with me wherever I go. I love writing down different ideas or updating my todo list. There's something about physically writing down your thoughts that you can't do digitally with Google Calendar. Because I live in Toronto, my toque (what we call a 'beanie' in Canada) is very much needed, I'm all about the grays and black tones.


Next up are all of my chargers. I have a laptop charger and the ISM phone charger. I've tried a lot of different external chargers and a lot of them last for a few months and then completely glitch out. Not the ISM one! This one comes with a really nice leather case and a super chic cord. It's been highly reliable and I don't know how I've gone so long without one.


Also packed up for the day are my wallet and sunglasses (they should be in a case, but they're not).

A water bottle is a must-have and I always carry around my ISM Water Bottle. I really like that it's narrow so I can easily pack it in my bag wherever I go.


A few other small items to round up my daily essentials are my work pass (so I can get into work), a really loved and well-used ILIA product for my cheek and lips, pen, and hair tie. When I'm coding I always need to have my hair up so it definitely comes in handy. If I'm out vlogging or creating content, I'll also bring my camera. This bag can hold a lot more in the different compartments, but this is what's in my backpack today.