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The Review | Tech Blogger

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It's hard to find a backpack that is beautifully designed and functional at the same time. As someone who gets sent a lot of products to test, I've found that you have to accept a bulky and typical, "tech backpack" if you want a bag that has a separate laptop compartment for your Macbook or iPad.

That was before I came across the ISM backpack -- it changed my perception of what a tech backpack can look like. It's that perfect synergy between great design, fashion, and technology:


The design of the Backpack is a combination of luxury and practicality that gives off a minimal, clean, and sleek look. You can never go wrong with the color black, and the ISM backpack does just that with a black bag that elegantly combines the nylon and leather material, giving off a two-toned visual appeal. It also happens to match my headphone and other tech gear perfectly.



The backpack exterior features premium materials like full-grain leather and Nylon, details that are equally considered in the inside of the bag. I like the navy blue lining color that fills the inner compartments of the bag. It's soft and has a nice hand feel, but also feels rigid enough to withstand the objects that I carry every day.

At first, I wasn't so sure about the Nylon, but after using it many times, I like that the material is flexible and not so rigid, so you can put more things in the bag and the shape won't change much.


By far my favorite feature is the separate laptop compartment. This is where I feel the ISM backpack really sets itself apart from any backpack on the market. As someone who carries a Macbook Pro with them almost everywhere, it's important for my bag to have a padded sleeve that keeps my laptop clean and free from scratches. The ISM bag's laptop compartment also has an additional compartment for an iPad, which definitely comes in handy depending on what I'm carrying. Having this compartment separate from the main compartment is critical for easy access to my laptop and I also love the fact that they used a waterproof zipper.


You can tell a lot of time and effort went into the making of these bags just by the level of detail of each component of the bag. If you take a closer look at the stitching, you can feel the quality craftsmanship. It's thoughtful features like two silicon patches on the bottom of the bag, which show that no detail was left unthought of.