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The Review | A Graphic Designer

The Review | A Graphic Designer

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The new (work) year started in the Netherlands so I thought it was a great time to start it off with a new bag. I'm a graphic designer and content creator, so I always have a good amount of gear with me, like a MacBook Pro, a pair of solid headphones, several lenses, and at least one camera body.

Usually, when you choose a new bag, you have to compromise between a nice looking backpack or a practical backpack. I'm glad you don't have to make that decision with the ISM bag.


I went for "The Backpack" with Black hardware. The supple but strong leather and nice nylon exterior give it a beautiful and minimalist look. The bag is ideal for the Dutch weather and it also protects all my gear.

I don't always use a sleeve for my MacBook Pro because it's a beautiful thing on its own, but carrying it around without a case can be a daunting task. That's why the separate and padded laptop compartment is one of my favourite features of the bag -- it keeps my laptop safe from the loose things in my bag so I don't need to carry a bigger laptop sleeve.


One thing that's also really nice is the price...

I've owned some quite expensive bags in the past, but for the price I paid for, it wasn't "everything."

When a bag isn't sturdy it isn't always good for everyday use, and when a bag is nicely made but too small, you end up having to leave some things at home, which isn't ideal.

For my workflow, this backpack is just perfect. The looks are great, the quality is great, and it is just as practical as an everyday bag should be.