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Making The Move From School Bag To Professional Backpack

Making The Move From School Bag To Professional Backpack

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For years you used the same backpack for school, work, and everything in between. Now, as you level up your career you've grown out of your old school rucksack. In a work environment, what you carry needs to look the part – neutral colorways and smart, low-key designs all of which contribute to creating an air of dependable professionalism. See why making the move from a school backpack to a professional bag is everything you need to level up your career:

1. No More Looking Like a Student

Oftentimes, the bag you carry helps others determine how professional you are - similar to the shoes you wear and the jewelry on your wrist. It's a great way for potential employers, clients, and customers to see the image you want to portray. The materials play a large part in determining the overall look and function of a bag. With a work backpack, you want to select materials that are very wearable; meaning that the materials themselves are a reflection of your professional style and how you go about your job.

Consider materials like polyester or cotton canvas, often seen in many school bags like Jansport or Herschel. The casual looking material can give off a seemingly unprofessional vibe. If you’re at a meeting and getting something out of your bag, the last thing you want is to draw attention to you from the crunchy sound that a canvas bag can make.

Contrast this with the professionalism of leather. Leather is a classic material that gives any work backpack a premium and stylish feel. Tried and true in the business world, leather bags have been used by working professionals for years, so a leather backpack can help you fit right in with a history of elegance.

As cliche as it sounds, there is truth behind the phrase “first impressions count.” When you upgrade your bag, you also upgrade your image. Don’t leave your image to chance.

The ISM Backpack is made from a considerate mix of full-grain leather and water-resistant nylon for that perfect balance between professional and casual.

2. Be a Prepared Professional

As a professional, you want to be prepared for any occasion - whether it is a last minute client meeting or a drizzle during your commute. Upgrading to a more professional bag designed for work can help you organize your items (and life) better.

For staying organized and on top of your game, it is convenient to have a bag that has at least two main compartments. A dedicated laptop compartment will keep your tech and papers secure and easily accessible. You want to be able to put your bag down, open it, get your tablet, charger, or what you need out of your backpack so you can move on with your work. A structured bag that stands up straight and doesn’t look all crumpled is an easy way to look more professional.

A dedicated waterproof zippered laptop compartment is one of the main features in the ISM Backpack. The Large Backpack fits up to a 16-inch laptop, while the Small Backpack fits up to a 13-inch laptop.

3. Invest In Yourself & Your Future

While a luxury fashion bag from St. Laurent or Prada is an investment in your style, designer bags are often an inappropriate status symbol for the workplace. For work, you want to invest in assets that help you advance your career. A work bag upgrade is an investment that will pay for itself via the improvements in your professional life - just think about all the people you will interact with, especially after COVID.

Cheap bags cost you less in the short-term, but more in the long-run. Quality, professional bags are durable, which means they are made from premium materials. Consider two bags made from different grades of leather. The bag made from cheaper leather like top-grain or vegan leather will start to crack and crease in its corners after only a few months of use. The bag made from real full-grain leather (like the ISM Backpack), will age well over time and last for years.

Having a professional backpack that is weather-resistant is a nice benefit since it’ll give you peace of mind that your electronics are safe if you get caught in the rain. This could be a waterproof zipper that keeps your laptop compartment secure or choosing a backpack that has been coated with a water-resistant layer.

A bag made with real full-grain leather like the ISM Backpack is made to last for years, especially if it's regularly taken care of. The ISM Backpack also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Meet The Only Professional Bag You Need

We wanted to address a problem that many working professionals like us faced with the current bag options ー they were either too student-like, too expensive, or too bulky. We wanted one bag that can be seamlessly used to go from one event to another. That keeps our laptop safe. Something made with quality leather materials that would last years, staying sleek, minimal, and in great condition.

To do so, we took our favorite aesthetic pieces from designer bags and combined it with the functionality of a tech laptop bag and the comfort of a hiking bag. The result is a sleek, minimal backpack that fits everything you need, and won’t cost a few month’s rent.

Meet the ISM Backpack. Large enough to fit two 13” - 16" Laptops, The Backpack is comprised of half full-grain leather, half nylon for that perfect balance of casual and professional. Made in the same factory as the top luxury bag brands, your ISM Backpack is guaranteed for life. It's our way of standing behind the quality of our products.