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Instagram Made Me Buy It

Instagram Made Me Buy It

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“Instagram is secretly recording us.”

While this dystopia has proven to be debunked, it’s a thought that many of us have had as we scroll through our feeds and come across an ad that seems eerily similar to something we were just talking about.

It turns out that while Facebook might not (yet) be big brother, it does have a pretty good idea of who we are — for better and for worse:

Thumbs Up For Outfit Styling

“My best find would be a Chloe inspired saddle bag from Sole Society (Destin satchel) that I kept seeing on Instagram, and leopard everything has been my jam lately. Also, the super popular Palm Springs Mini is the best casual bag purchase I have ever made. These are all things that I wouldn’t have bought if I hadn’t seen an influencer style them in Instagram, since I am incapable of visualizing what makes a casual outfit work.”

— u/theteacupdragon

“For me it was the white sneaker paired with everything look. I did not understand the power of a white sneaker, my logical brain kept thinking how dirty they would get and how the colour was so impractical for a shoe. I recently bought white adidas sneakers and they look so good with my outfits! I am fully converted.”

— u/cmak14

When The Algorithm Knows You Better Than Yourself

“I know people get really upset about their online activity being tracked and information sold to tailor advertisements, but damn I do like having products hand picked for me. My facebook and instagram ads are all luxe minimalist clothing and makeup (with a splash of swedish baby toys and clothes). It tends to be high quality stuff, too, so it's not like I'm being duped into overpaying for mediocre products.”

— u/fishgoblubb

“I'm thankful I came across an instagram ad for the ISM backpack, as I'd been searching for weeks but hadn't found one that I liked. This is the Apple of backpacks I've been looking for. This bag is made with quality materials and looks stunning. Can't wait to use it for years to come.”

— u/brand0ng2

When The Algorithm Doesn’t Quite Get You

“Instagram has me pegged for a lot more expensive bitch and also can't decide on my gender. That said I've used insta marketing discounts on Timbuk2 backpacks and I found OAD NY through instagram marketing. I got my mom one of OAD's purses and I got myself a cute wallet from their sample sale.”

— u/neverxsummer

Impulse Buys Are Well, Impulses

“Worst: a super shitty cheap polyester hoodie with cat ears. It looks horrible. Total impulse buy. I still haven't worn it, it feels like a plastic bag.”

— u/rincatboxbane

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