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How a Software Engineer Gets It Done

How a Software Engineer Gets It Done

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On how childhood shaped her ambitions: So I come from a family of entrepreneurs and growing up, my dad was always working really long hours and doing a lot of different things. This idea of working hard came naturally to me. I see a lot of value in it and I’m always trying to better myself and learn. Even when I was a kid, I had side hustles. I would make things out of paper and sell them at school. It was called “Morgan's Box” and it was envelopes, my custom letters, and postcards. I’d sell them for $2 dollars. I quickly learned how satisfying it was to create things that others truly enjoyed.

On daily routines: I wake up usually around 7am every morning. OK, sometimes earlier and sometimes later, but I try to keep it to 1 alarm. I like to spend time with my dog in the morning and then I'll make breakfast, get ready, and go to work. I usually get in around like 8:30am and then my day basically consists of coding all day. I work on a dev ops team and we all work in the same room. What’s great about small teams is that it’s very collaborative. We have meetings a couple of times a week, but its really easy to ask for help or be on the same page when we’re all in the same space. At lunch, I’ll come home, play with my dog, and then head back to work. When I get home from work is when my day really starts. Whether it's working on my side projects or creating content for Instagram. I've met some amazing people on Instagram who I know will be my lifelong friends.

Morgan uses the ISM backpack with black accents, perfect for her 15" Macbook Pro and preference for wearing black.

On what’s in her bag: I use the ISM Backpack with black zippers and I always have my laptop and two headphones with me. Airpods and a noise canceling one for the office. My planner is essential and then necessities like lip balm, lotion, a water bottle, and a phone charger. I also carry my iPad with me usually every day. Even if I don't use it, I prefer to take notes on my iPad instead of pen and paper.

On favorite song for getting in the flow: I like to listen to a lot of underground music. Ones that have under five thousand plays on SoundCloud. It’s really cool to see these artists kind of blow up and get big and to be a part of their journey of making music. The one I’m listening to now is Belis. She’s gotten pretty big in the past couple of months and it's cool to watch people grow like that. For me, it’s really motivating.

On being a visual creative: I've always loved making things and I’m a very visual person. It started with graphic design and my love affair with photoshop. I started with an Etsy shop selling custom planners because I realized I could intermix my interest in visual design with making planners. It’s kind of cool to make something that people can use every day and this idea is what led me to web app development.