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A Day In The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A Day In The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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My hair is always done by six o'clock in the morning and by seven I am fully dressed. I then compose until nine. From nine to one I give lessons. Then I lunch, unless I am invited to some house where they lunch at two or even three o'clock, as, for example, today and tomorrow at Countess Zichy's and Countess Thun's.

I can never work before five or six o'clock in the evening, and even then I am often prevented by a concert. If I am not prevented, I compose until nine. I then go to my dear Constanze, though the joy of seeing one another is nearly always spoilt by her mother's bitter remarks.

At half-past ten or eleven, I come home -- it depends on her mother's darts and my capacity to endure them! As I cannot rely on being able to compose in the evening owing to the concerts which are taking place and also to the uncertainty as to whether I may not be summoned now here and now there, it is my custom (especially if I get home early) to compose a little before going to bed. I often go on writing until one -- and am up again at six.

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"Altogether I have": Mozart to his father, December 28, 1782.