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100 Words To Describe The ISM Backpack

100 Words To Describe The ISM Backpack

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How do people really feel about the ISM Backpack?

We wanted to find out.

To do so, we exported over 500 reviews from our Website, Instagram, and Twitter

The result is a word cloud that paints a candid picture of why our customers love (it’s the 2nd most used word!) using the ISM backpack and how they would probably describe it to a friend.

Note: We removed three of the most common words “ism” “bag” and “backpack” because they didn’t really add much to the visualization. 

For a deeper look into the most commonly used words, here are the top 15 mentioned words, how many times they were mentioned, and how someone used the word to describe their bag.

1. Looking (187 mentions)

"This backpack is exactly what I was looking for. It is full of utility. It has the style and durability that I need for everyday use. I'm using it as a small carry on bag for travel, going to work with books and laptop, and for running errands around the city. I'm quite happy."

2. Love (183 mentions)

"My first impression when I opened the box is that I love how they packaging their bag, they also included the dustbag just in case I need to store the bag somewhere. I also love the little details on the bag such as the stitching, rubber pad under the bag, memory foam strap, etc. , which made me appreciate how the company cares about their products."

3. Laptop (159 mentions)

"The separate laptop compartment makes traveling easy. Cannot express how much I love this bag!"

4. Quality (146 mentions)

"This backpack makes it feel so light that sometimes I have to double check if I actually put it in there! The look is stylish and high quality. Worth every penny. Worth the hype!"

5. Design (136 mentions)

"I really liked its minimalistic design and fancy feeling of it, and most importantly, it can hold 15" laptop!"

6. Work (129 mentions)

"It was a bag that I could proudly wear, seamlessly transitioning from work to the gym to the city.'

7. Pocket (110 mentions)

"The pockets utilize all the available space in the bag, and it is incredible versatile, dressing up or down."

8. Fit (105 mentions)

"It's lightweight, yet still fits everything (e.g. laptop, folder with papers, notebook, computer charger, phone charger, headphones, water bottle, writing utensils)."

9. Really (102 mentions)

"Really happy I stumbled upon this backpack - will be using it for a long time."

10. Leather (94 mentions)

"Love the leather with gold accents, and how the front pocket doesn't stick out."

11. Perfect (91 mentions)

"Perfect for work and travel. Not a ton of compartments, which makes it sleeker and less bulky."

12. Functional (91 mentions)

"I wanted a backpack that is good looking and functional at the same time, and ISM Backpack was exactly what I looking for."

13. Straps (85 mentions)

"I like that this bag has built in shoulder support and the straps are comfy but still chic."

14. Carry (85 mentions)

"It's comfortable to wear, can carry everything I need when I'm heading to work for the day, and I've been getting complements out on the street every week."

15. Compartment (81 mentions)

"The laptop compartment fits my MacBook Pro 15" perfectly, and gives me an easy dedicated space to protect the most valuable thing I travel with."